Product Applications

Appliance Glass

GCC has been a leading provider of appliance enamels since our founding.

All our decorating products are Ceramic Enamels, exhibiting the extreme temperature stability and other performance characteristics of this class. Ceramic enamels are fired onto a glass substrate in order to form a permanent bond. They are different from 'organic' or 'silicone' paints in that the backbone of the system, or the binder, is actually glass. When the paint is cured, this glass binder becomes a permanent part of the glass substrate and cannot be removed by ordinary means. Because of their durability, ceramic enamels are used on objects for which long-lasting performance and beauty are desired. This is The Ceramic Advantage™.

We understand that different appliance applications require different performance criteria. GCC has the flexibility to handle it. Our wide range of frit systems allows us to formulate specifically to your needs, whether you most value color, chemical resistance, opacity, gloss, impact resistance, or other properties. Whether you want the deepest black, brightest white, or specialty colors of any hue or effect, call us. We will work with you to reach your target.

GCC has technical experts ready to assist you with your most challenging projects. Contact us today at +1-513-539-5300 or