Product Applications

Architectural Glass

GCC is the fastest, most flexible supplier of ceramic enamels to the architectural glass industry. And for GCC, fast and flexible not only refers to its industry-leading turnaround on standard and custom colors. Fast and flexible applies to everything we do to support you in your business.

With GCC enamels, you have a variety of application options – roll coat, screen print, spray – all with the same enamel! In most cases, it is as simple as opening the pail, mixing briefly with simple and inexpensive tools, and adding the enamel to your application equipment. And for special needs, GCC's simple and reliable thinning system can be adopted with minimal training.

With its exceptionally high green strength, GCC ceramic enamel makes possible a wide range of conveyance and stacking options. No need to handle your unfired glass with kid gloves so as to not damage the paint film. Only GCC products allow you to man-handle your green parts – and even stack them with simple cork spacers!

Architecture is meant to last, and GCC products are too.

GCC enamels are fired onto a glass substrate in order to form a permanent bond. They are different from 'organic' or 'silicone' paints in that the backbone of the system, or the binder, is actually glass. When the paint is cured, this glass binder becomes a permanent part of the glass substrate and cannot be removed by ordinary means. This bond is so strong that edge deletion is not required!

Because of their durability, glass enamels are used on objects for which long-lasting performance and beauty are desired. This is The Ceramic Advantage™.

In the nearly ten years since GCC introduced its line of architectural enamels, we have attained the leading position in North America and have established an international supply capability.

GCC has technical experts ready to assist you with your most challenging projects. Contact us today at +1-513-539-5300 or