Product Applications


Glass bottles and packages should look as good on the shelf as they do in the design room. GCC enamels add beauty that endures.

All our decorating products are Ceramic Enamels, exhibiting the extreme toughness and other performance characteristics of this class. Ceramic enamels are fired onto a glass substrate in order to form a permanent bond. They are different from 'organic' inks in that the backbone of the system is actually glass. When the paint is cured, this glass binder becomes a permanent part of the glass substrate and cannot be removed by ordinary means. Because of their durability, ceramic enamels are used on objects for which long-lasting performance and beauty are desired. This is The Ceramic Advantage™.

GCC has a wide range of colors and effects that will add value to your most beautiful glass packages. And our ceramic enamels are entirely resistant to scratches or abrasion throughout the entire supply chain, so they'll keep their beauty when it matters most.

Speedy delivery of the highest quality enamels is only the basis of our offering. From the concept stage all the way through the product lifecycle, our experts will be with you every step of the way. We provide total solutions, and welcome opportunities for improvement whenever and wherever they can be spotted.

GCC works for long term impact. Part of our mission is to be there for you in the decades to come, so sustainability is something we take very seriously. GCC was the first to eliminate lead-bearing enamels from its product offering and today offers HMF enamels for a wide range of packaging applications, such as single-trip, multi-trip, pressurized, spirits, and more.

GCC has technical experts ready to assist you with your most challenging projects. Contact us today at +1-513-539-5300 or