Product Applications

Specialty Glass

Glass is a versatile material and your glass enamel supplier should be, too.

We never know what unique application we will encounter next.

GCC is a vertically integrated manufacturer – we make our own glass frits, pigments, and mediums. For you, this means that we can provide a wide range of colors and unique effects, driven by your most challenging design opportunities. Glossy, matte, satin etch, translucent, metallic or pearlescent, high-friction, frosts – whatever your need, we will work to deliver you the effect you are looking for.

This also means that we have total control over the reliability, sustainability, quality and development of the key components of our ceramic enamels.

Our team of creative experts enjoys the challenge of delivering solutions for the most unusual design and decoration initiatives. Whatever your next project, contact us today at +1-513-539-5300 or